Diagnostic Services


Nowadays, passenger cars are highly complex and networked "data centers" consisting of a large number of electronic units (control units) for safety and driver assistance systems (ADAS).

As professionals, we develop the complete and reliable diagnostic content for this purpose. Interpreting technical values and error codes, deleting the fault memories and making service provisions are just as much a part of our tasks as diagnosing sensors, actuators and special functions.

ECU specifications, circuit diagrams and signal images are professionally evaluated or created by us and the results are incorporated into the customer-specific repair and service methodology.

We accompany your diagnostic development professionally from the first device carriers or simulations through all development stages to the SOP and along the entire lifecycle in after sales.

As experts, we are responsible for over 600 of our customers' control units.

Our own VEFK structure enables us to carry out diagnostic tasks on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our area of responsibility naturally includes all intelligent assistance systems (ADAS), such as PreSafe and collision protection, 360° camera systems and Night View or lane departure warning systems.

Our engineering portfolio also includes the latest drive units, such as hybrid engines, electric drives and hydrogen drives.

Do you need a complete diagnostic environment?
No problem, we offer a solution with our Infinite Diagnostic Suite.


Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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More than a requirement, quality is one of the ACTIA group's true values, and is shared by all its employees in a certified environment. Our experience and our expertise in the automotive and aeronautics sectors mean that our hardware and software designs provide a high level of quality.


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Since it was founded in 1986, ACTIA's spirit and policy of innovation have kept the group a length ahead of the competition. The inventor of electronic diagnostics and a pioneer in the field of vehicle architecture, particularly multiplexed architecture, ACTIA innovates across its skills spectrum to stand out from the crowd, remain independent and maintain its leading position in the field.


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Service is an integral part of ACTIA's culture. It is rooted in the group's international dimension, which provides each and every one of our customers with local support that's synonymous with proximity, fast response and flexibility. There's a special ACTIA service for each of our products, systems and solutions that answers our customers' needs closely.

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