Our benchmark for our goals: the customer

It is our goal to provide products and services of excellent quality which are in accordance with the requirements and expectations of our customers. We want satisfied customers with lasting trust in our service offer. The judgment of our customers is a decisive quality measure for us.

The management board creates the framework conditions for the management system

To this end, the management defines the objectives and establishes the quality and environmental management system, taking into account the legal requirements and the requirements of the business. It is convinced at regular intervals by the adequacy and effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system.

Quality Management & Environment Management lived: as work philosophy

Ensuring and achieving agreed goals, as well as the promotion of quality and environmental awareness through information and training of the employees are important tasks of the management and department heads.

Improvements in quality & environmental performance affect all of us

The continuous optimization of the work processes in all functions as well as the protection of the environment, in particular the careful use of resources and the avoidance of environmental pollution is given the highest priority. In this system, every employee has the task of constantly checking his daily work critically, avoiding errors and ensuring quality with regard to the resources.

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