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ACTIA I+ME GmbH  - headquartered in Braunschweig - is a subsidiary of ACTIA Automotive SA Toulouse. The consolidated group has more than 3.800 employees, over 30 years successfully operating in the areas of vehicle communication, workshop diagnostics, energy storage & manangement technology, on-board and control electronics.
Many factors are responsible for the success of the company founded in 1986. With innovative products, a market-oriented approach in research and development and through targeted investment, the ACTIA Group was able to develop and expand international structures. Even more, the company has established itself as a reliable business partner. So ACTIA I+ME today recognized systems supplier for well-known companies from the automotive sector.

The company is based upon:

  • Exceptionally well-trained and highly motivated staff,
  • A quality management system that is characterized by an economically rational relationship between effort and result,
  • A powerful technical equipment with modern computer technology, measurement technology and development software,
  • Many years of good and trustful cooperation with numerous partners, suppliers and customers.


The product and service portfolio is focused on solutions for complex diagnostics, vehicle engineering applications, communication modules between vehicle interfaces and devices, electronic controls and components for use on commercial and special vehicles.


ACTIA I+ME GmbH has many years of experience in:
  • The development of hardware and software real-time systems for selected microprocessors,
  • Knowledge about the communication strategies used around the world,
  • Highly complex electronic control units as well as related tools for system design and tests,
  • Design and dimensioning of electronic components according to stringent environmental conditions and use EMC requirements.


A consistent orientation to the resulting customer needs leads to the main business areas of the company:

  • The development of electronic systems or system components in modern microelectronics both as a service and for our own products,
  • The production of microelectronic components as sample production, to highly automated mass production,
  • Selling own products or derived products from the corporate network of the ACTIA Group,
  • The rendering of services in the global market for already imported products.



our branches


The majority of our employees work at our headquarters in Heidberg. The almost 7,000 square meter building offers sufficient office space as well as workshops, test rooms, storage space and space for our 3D printer and our EMC chamber. We develop our products ourselves and try them out constantly. Thanks to the short distances and close cooperation between software and hardware development, we create hands-on products.
Thanks to our free employee parking, there is also no stress when looking for a parking space and during lunch break there is the opportunity to take a walk around the lake. The main train station is only 2.8 km away and can be reached by public bus in 15 minutes.

Stuttgart (Böblingen)

Our Stuttgart location is located in the Böblingen software center. Due to the spatial location, we have the opportunity to act as a service provider directly at the customer's site. Cooperation and professional exchange with the companies located in the software center create space for innovative ideas, potentials and synergies. The cafeteria in the software center takes care of your physical well-being. Free parking spaces are available around the software center building. It is also possible to travel by public transport - the bus stop is only a four-minute walk away.